“I am running for Mayor to get the city of Calgary back on course.  We need to control reckless spending, make streets safer and rein in excessive tax increases. These are the challenges the next council will face.  It will take a strong, creative, thoughtful leader to succeed. I am that leader. It’s time for a change. Calgary, we need a new Mayor.” 

- Bill Smith, June 12, 2017   

Calgary Needs Real Leadership

When you think about some recent issues in Calgary, there is a common thread. Issues like public art where you were called a lynch mob.

The plight of Midfield Park residents who were told the city had a plan for them - but then didn't. And the latest flip-flop concerning outrageous water bills.

The common thread in all of these instances is Leadership. Calgary needs a strong, mature, collaborative, consensus builder at City Hall. Bill Smith is that kind of leader



Hear Bill Smith's comments on the Midfield Park evictions

I came down to Midfield Park today to see what is actually going on. It truly made me sad to see what is going on here.

This is NOT the way we treat people.

You need to speak out. You need to help us here. You need to call your Councillor. You need to call the Mayor's office.

We need to give these people a FAIR deal.

We need to give them what their properties are worth.



Meet Bill Smith

Bill Smith and his wife Mary are born-and-raised Calgarians with four grown children. Bill operates a boutique law practice called Legal Innovations, which simplifies basic consumer legal needs like wills and house purchases at an affordable price. 

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  • Bill's Policies

    Calgary, we need a new Mayor. The current leadership has lost touch with the concerns of everyday Calgarians. It’s time for a change. In the past 7 years we’ve seen our property taxes skyrocket by 51 per cent, we’ve seen City spending rise dramatically and we’ve seen a significant increase in crime in every quadrant of Calgary because of the opioid crisis and economy. All this in a climate where businesses have closed their doors, thousands of jobs have disappeared and downtown office towers sit empty.
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  • In the Community

    Bill Smith’s roots and love for his hometown run deep. Bill was adopted into a family focused on public service. His parents taught Bill the importance of giving back to the community. It is that same dedication to service that he and his wife Mary have passed on to their children.

    Bill’s professional career has included work as a Calgary Firefighter, a lawyer and a small business owner. He has volunteered his time with his community association, a provincial political party and as a member of several boards and community agencies.
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