Why Should Calgarians Vote for Bill Smith?

Bill has a proven record of relational leadership. The issues we have in Calgary aren’t going to be solved by one person dictating their vision. It must be done by bringing people together, listening, and finding common ground.  


Meet Bill Smith

Spend an hour with Bill Smith and you’ll find a unique mix of caring compassion along with hard-headed logic. Bill started out as a firefighter – and he’s got a heart that drives him to protect and defend. When he later earned a law degree, Bill rejected the traditional firm approach to billing, and offered a fixed fee, lower-cost model that is making legal services more accessible and affordable to Calgarians.

A long-time community leader, Bill believes that creating a positive, pro-business climate is the best way to encourage growth – and build a city that works for everyone. Bill believes that business interests are not at odds with issues related to community development or social justice. The best way to create a vibrant, livable community is to honor the needs of business and taxpayers along with the needs of community groups, newcomers, and the most vulnerable. To get there, we need someone who cares enough to listen, and fairly protect the needs of all.

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Bill's Priorities for Calgary

Cost Control

- Rein in rampant tax increases

- Control administrative costs

- Get City Hall out of the way of businesses






Strong Collaborative Leadership

- Create a team focused environment at City Hall - Respect Begins at the Top

- Focus on establishing clear and meaningful priorities

- Respect for the community feedback process

- Businesses of all size, not government, drive the economy

- Work with the private sector to foster growth



Safe and Vibrant Communities

- Adequate and effective deployment of resources for Police and Fire

- Support Police to have enough front line officers to investigate property crime, gang activity, drug crimes and deter random violence

- Increase Calgarian's feelings of security and pride in the community

- Encourage neighbourhood collaboration to foster vibrant and friendly communities.   



See what other Calgarians are saying about Bill Smith

Tony Spoletini, Spolumbo's Fine Foods & Deli Ltd.

My good friend Bill is a beautiful man that I've known for over 30 years. He was my College teammate, but more importantly, my friend. I have watched him grow to become a great husband, father, fireman, lawyer, coach, and champion of his community. Bill has always put people first! He cares and he is considerate. He listens, and he is very humble. He will make decisions based on fact and what is good for Calgarians. He can negotiate, lead, and inspire. This city has been forgotten by the Federal Government, and it is being bankrupted by its Provincial Government. All we have is each other. Calgarians are resilient and never give up. We need help though. We need a Mayor and a city council with common sense, a council that is efficient, a council that is in touch with its people, and a Mayor that can lead, inspire, and at times, scold. 

Please vote for Bill Smith. 

I have lived in Calgary my whole life. Born at the long gone General Hospital. I feel lost, demoralized, and frustrated. Bill will help to make Calgary the very best again. Please give my friend the chance on October 16. 

Natasha Janmohamed, Pearl the Salon

As a small business owner in Calgary I'm proud to give Bill Smith my vote. Bill has always supported local small business in Calgary even through the tough past two years. I'm happy that Bill listens to our concerns and also gives feedback, doesn't just push it out the other ear. Thank you Bill, for being you! Thank you for being genuine, honest, and so kind hearted. 

Bruce Edgelow - Managing Partner and Founder; EdgeMark Capital and Advisory Services Inc. 

The last four years have been extremely challenging for many in the business community. Businesses of all sizes have suffered due to the City of Calgary's lack of priorities in tough times. A non-collaborative approach with the business community, year over year increases in taxes, unchecked spending, and regulatory bureaucracy. 

As you are aware, there is a Municipal election on October 16th, and we have a tremendous opportunity to facilitate a change in the direction our great city deserves and needs in these challenging economic times. 

I am delighted to support my good friend Bill Smith for Mayor. I've had the pleasure of serving with Bill as a Board Member for a Calgary Not For Profit organization. He is a class act through and through. I certainly endorse Bill's 3 Part Platform; getting Calgarians back to work, collaborative leadership, and safe, vibrant communities. 

  • Bill's Policies

    Calgary, we need a new Mayor. The current leadership has lost touch with the concerns of everyday Calgarians. It’s time for a change. In the past 7 years we’ve seen our property taxes skyrocket by 51 per cent, we’ve seen City spending rise dramatically and we’ve seen a significant increase in crime in every quadrant of Calgary because of the opioid crisis and economy. All this in a climate where businesses have closed their doors, thousands of jobs have disappeared and downtown office towers sit empty.
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  • In the Community

    Bill Smith’s roots and love for his hometown run deep. Bill was adopted into a family focused on public service. His parents taught Bill the importance of giving back to the community. It is that same dedication to service that he and his wife Mary have passed on to their children.

    Bill and his wife Mary are native Calgarians married for nearly 30 years with four grown children and a lovable rescue dog named Chance. Bill is a life-long volunteer who has served on the boards of the University of Calgary, Special Olympics, and Calgary Counselling Centre.
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